United Nations Resolution number 2984813

Ok so yesterday me and my girlfriend had a splendid argument. She always blows up, which I think is the main problem here. I prefer having calm and logical discussions, while she just explodes and throws ugly sentences into the air. One of them (which today she admitted was bad and wrong) was that aparently the females on planet earth are smarter than the males. I did not even want to continue the argument from that point and on. She insisted on continuing the argument, so when we got home (we were driving when the explosion occured), I refused to go up, and have resolved to let her come to her senses. She got pissed at that, but eventually got up to the house.

After a while, needless to say, she came to her senses, and gave me a call to my cell… surprise surprise, the lady is now ready and willing to discuss things in a more relaxed and civilized manner… I did not play it easy but agreed to come to the house. When I did come to the house, she just no longer had anything to say, and we went to sleep hugging. Now you tell me i’m not a magician 🙂

There are two morals from this story:

1. When an explosion occurs, the second entity in the couple she detect the trap that lies ahead, and try to avert the almost unescapable hot dispute that can occure when one of the sides is totaly adrenalized with hate and ugliness. If detected, and postponed, the discussion will become more gentle for various reasons, first, the person relaxes, then he misses the other a bit, then when he relaxes a bit more, he understands where he is, and he regrets the terrible sittuation, but then, still wants to keep is ego and statute/righteousness, but it will be more docile no matter what.

2. When and if you do blow up, try not to say something that will make you look stupid. Words last longer than the actual fight, and can be used against you at a latter time (For example, if you make racist comments, even if you regret saying it later when you cool off, the effect it has made will linger on for a while).

And so, today morning, after sleeping on it (hugged with my love), I have reached a solution. It’s of course very simple, and relates to an earlier solution of mine (A user manual for the man and the woman. I would write the user manual on how to use me, and she would write her own. You get the idea). So anyway, the solution is to just add another entry in the manual that shows how to advert the sittuation in the future.

In that specific occasion, I told my bubee that I will come home soon. She said that she’s about to be done with the food soon. I understood that she’s about to finish making the food, and expected her to call me when it’s ready so that I can come home. When she heard me say soon, she thought I would be home in 2 minutes. Well, for me soon means between 30 to 90 minutes… You can guess what happened there.

And so, from now on, the manual will have an entry that talks about the word “Soon” and its meanings with different people, and specifically with me and her, and she hopefully will not mistake my soon with her soon next time I use that word.

Well, I hope I did not bore anyone to death here…

I hate arguments

My girlfriend argues a lot with me. It’s almost as if she’s obsessed with arguing.. as if she likes it, draws energy from it… energies that are of course drawn from me… the process leaves me empty of energy, just wanting to die on some street with dog shit and rain on it. Expectations, expectations, high in the sky and unreasonable. Who gives a fuck? it seems she, at least, doesn’t.

Toilets are funny

I just went to the restrooms, and sat down, preparing to make my own brownies. I couldn’t help but notice that the door next to mine was locked (meaning somebody’s there, baking brownies). Anyway, The guy was kinda noisy, I could hear the pieces of brownie fall into the water, and a fart here and there…

On my part, I just froze. I couldn’t bake a single brownie. Now, I guess this is something subliminal, because as soon as the guy was done and gone, I threw a bunch of brownies into the void, and into the water. I bet this is kinda like what happens to females with Vaginismus (that’s when the vagina’s opening contracts so much that the male can not penetrate!). It is now clear (after much research, and I bet the research was led by a male scientist who had that problem with his wify) that this is a subliminal problem, and it’s being treated both using some kind of relaxant, and with a few meetings with a psychologist. So maybe what I have is kinda similar. I bet nobody is going to research this… 🙂

I hate Microsoft

Today I found out that my roaming profile in Windows 2000 was partially erased.
I had pictures of my recent trip to the states, all gone. I had so many personal documents. all is gone now. how can I not hate Microsoft employees now?
Someone was there when the decision had to be made what to do with those files in radical situations. Someone made the wrong decision, which has led to my files being deleted. How can I like this company that has created a product that has practically wiped my most precious asset – my memories and my personal documents, which are considered part of my intellectual asset. I am so depressed now. Backups, as usual, are useless… Oh well, there goes another part of my life.

The previous part of my life that’s gone, is the army… I don’t remember much from my military period. I can only attribute this to localized and subliminally directed amnesia. I did not like it, to make things clear.

Well, there goes. I have to move on… wish me luck! I am formatting my PC, and installing Linux on it.