Get your asses moving

My landlords to be are driving me crazy. I’m about to rent a beautiful apartment from them, in Givatayim, and I’m leaving one in Tel-Aviv, that’s also nice and close to Shenkin (A street full of young crowd, nice restaurants, bars, cafe’s, and boutiques).

We were supposed to move in a month ago, but the wife doesn’t seem so reluctant to leave that apartment, and so, they gently try to prolong their stay. They have built a new house on Caesaria (Beautiful place in the north, on the sea), and I can understand why the wife doesn’t wanna leave so fast – The area surrounding Tel-Aviv is very lively and it’s never boring, while in Caesaria, well, it’s packed with villas, beaches, and nothing more. No stores, no clubs, no night life (You have to drive far for that), no boutiques, no malls…

Ok, so some people think it’s a paradise when there are no malls miles around you. I agree. But I think it’s a matter of where you are in life, and what you feel you need. I think that they are certainly in the right stage to move, but I guess it’s also difficult to leave a house you’ve occupied for the last 9 years. Their firstborn was raised in that house, and they probably had their share of joy and happiness in that house.

But I’m dying to move in already! I was sure I’d be there yesterday. I talked with the husband, and now he says that it will be around the 2nd of next month, but since he’s going to paint the house and spray it against bugs and other harmful entities, and fix up a few things for us (yay!), it would be best if we enter on the 15th of next month.


4 Mice

In this dream, me and a woman are having sex. The woman is probably my girlfriend. We have great sex, and when we’re done, I go to the living room to fiddle with some stuff.

The strange part comes here – out of nowhere, 4 black rats appear from the direction of the kitchen, walking pleasantly one after the other in a row. I notice them, and obviously, one of them notices me, as it looks at me with small black eyes, and changes direction quickly. It was the third rat. The leader and the 2 remaining rats kept going to wherever they were headed, while the rat that changed direction just disappeared.

Another strange thing is that just as they came, they left – no trace of them. Also, no trace of fear on my part (I usually would fear rats, they bite real hard, and have germs, so you’d need a few shots after such a bite).

My girlfriend is dressed by now, and about to leave, but when she comes to ask me how she looks in that blue shirt, something turns me on, and we have sex again.

Departing from this world

When humans die, they usually do it without advanced warning. Of course, you might sometimes be able to tell that a person isn’t going to be around for long, but when he does, it’s almost always a surprise.

When the person goes away, depending on the religion, people will talk about the person, and say things. Some things will be true, some others will be exaggerations that try to show how great the person really was.

I suggest that when a person knows he’s about to go, that person would gather all of the people he cares about, for a final time together. This would not be a sad event, it would allow all of the people to have a good time together, before that person goes. The person would even be able to speak about his life, what he has done, what he tried and couldn’t do, for whatever reasons, and actually say goodbye to people, instead of just leaving them all surprised.

It doesn’t matter if the person will continue living for a month, or even a year, as the last goodbye has already been said. Perhaps, if the situation improves suddenly, another party could be thrown much later, when things get bad again, and danger lurks around…

The Creation – Question

What would be a bigger miracle? The fact that a god exists indeed, and that he has created Earth and Humans, or, the possibility that out of space dust, planets, suns, gasses, and liquids, we were created – a chain reaction of chemistry and physics?

I opt for the second option, and I think that it is a greater miracle than if a god existed and actually planned us.

Not that what we are is not amazing to the point where one says “Damn, this must be a design, and not a fluke”, but that’s what makes the fluke more interesting and amazing.

The possibility of us being alone in the universe is almost zero, if we go for the second option (not created by one god, but rather by a long process that happened because certain conditions existed in a certain location, at a certain distance from the sun).

However, for those who insist that a god exists, I say ok, there has to be SOMETHING out there that put the space dust. But did god actually create earth as it is today, or did he just plant the seeds? (Seeds being the material spread around the universe).