About Skaag

I live in Los Angeles (CA). I’m a software engineer with lots of crazy ideas. Some people pay me for those ideas, and for my time and skills. It’s a good life, and I get to work from home a lot, which I have come to like in recent years (It wasn’t always easy to work from home, productivity wise, but it’s gotten better after several trial & error cycles).

I feel like a temporary visitor on a planet that will certainly outlive me. I love this planet, and I love living. I love most people, even if they are sometimes naughty or even plain evil.

I love art in its various forms, and most of all, I love art in the form I practice almost on a daily basis: Software Engineering & Project Management.

I’m in my late 30s, I consider myself shy most of the time, but some people have commented lately that I’m an extrovert and not so shy, so maybe I’ve been cured somewhere along the way because I love making new friends and I love communicating with positive people. And I have lots of friends which I really think are all very positive and awesome in their own way. This is part of what makes this world so wonderful for me.

I used to believe life is a huge learning experience, and you seem to know the most just a few moments before you die. I still believe this is true, with a small modification: What you think you know, which is the most you can possibly know – just moments before you die, is really not much at all! You will never really learn everything there is to learn. My conclusion and self advice is to relax, enjoy life and the “now”, focus on the things you feel give you the most pleasure – in short, focus on your passions (assuming you found them). Find your love, and love it to the fullest. For me this is the true meaning of life.

I also hope you guys take my blog in proportions. As with all humans, what you think is true right now may not be what you think is true tomorrow, or the day after. Feel free to convince me and educate me. I am liberal and open to new ideas, and not only welcome them, I actively seek them.

It’s all about knowledge and experiences, or the lack thereof. We are ever changing, ever adapting, and hopefully, ever learning! And boy there is SO much to learn!

I am inviting you to openly debate the subjects I raise in my blog. It is not a replacement for meeting me and drinking a beer with me, but until we do meet, I hope this will be a place of meeting where you guys can see what I’m up to, view my photos, read about my thoughts and experiences, and share your comments with me.