Toilets are funny

I just went to the restrooms, and sat down, preparing to make my own brownies. I couldn’t help but notice that the door next to mine was locked (meaning somebody’s there, baking brownies). Anyway, The guy was kinda noisy, I could hear the pieces of brownie fall into the water, and a fart here and there…

On my part, I just froze. I couldn’t bake a single brownie. Now, I guess this is something subliminal, because as soon as the guy was done and gone, I threw a bunch of brownies into the void, and into the water. I bet this is kinda like what happens to females with Vaginismus (that’s when the vagina’s opening contracts so much that the male can not penetrate!). It is now clear (after much research, and I bet the research was led by a male scientist who had that problem with his wify) that this is a subliminal problem, and it’s being treated both using some kind of relaxant, and with a few meetings with a psychologist. So maybe what I have is kinda similar. I bet nobody is going to research this… 🙂

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